Monday, 30 September 2013

Little Frankston Bridge

Interesting design bordering the little Frankston bridge over Kananook Creek, a popular boating waterway entry into Port Phillip Bay.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Flagged Boundaries

Simple but special flagged boundaries for boats entering Frankston's Kananook Creek boating channel from Port Phillip Bay.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Beach Bridge

Walkway bridge at Frankston beach on the Mornington Peninsula.
This is one of several little bridges that crosses Kananook Creek, a boating channel that enters into Port Phillip Bay.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Pond Border

Stone featured border round a little pond in a park at Frankston on the Mornington Peninsula.

And the ducks seem to like the bark chip and stone entry point to the pond.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Large Balcony

This is a spacious balcony? covering the top of a double garage in Dromana.
The steps to it at the side of the garage have a matching feature.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Old Wizard Wells Mailbox

On 24th August, I posted the newer mailbox for Wizard Wells.
It is like a giant wine barrel.
Above is their old mailbox.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Mailbox is Where?

In the middle of the driveway gate is this Dromana mailbox.
Rarely - if ever - have I seen a mailbox in this position.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Aqua Paint Unites It All

There seems to be a mix of materials and styles in this fence line in Dromana.
Lattice and picket fence + cemented bricks seem to be all co-ordinated by aqua painting.

This side of the driveway has the shorter lattice cemented in.

Saturday, 21 September 2013


Bollards outside the newly opened KC's by the bay cafe/restaurant (replacing Christabella) at Dromana.
They make a distinctive boundary along the path way edge 
seeming to deter cars from parking too close.
In the warmer months, diners sit here.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Scenic White Fence Line

This is a boundary and fence line at Balnarring.
It fences in the cattle.

And it marks the curving line of the driveway to the property.

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Friday's Fences

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Mailbox and Carving

Unusual presentation round a mailbox at Red Hill.
The mailbox seems to be perched on a mini carved mural.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Illusion of a Gate

Jenny Gould is a most unusual character as well as a most unusual artist.
Her little studio is tucked away in the beauty of Red Hill.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Gate With a View

Lovely entrance to a property at Red Hill

Love the different earthy tones in the stone work.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Strange Mailbox

This mailbox at a Red Hill property must rank as one of the most creative, most strange mailboxes I have ever seen.

Yet somehow it seems to have a mystical connection with the surrounding bushland.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Nature's Recycling?

Nature's re-interpretation (or recycling?) of a fence line at Tootgarook Wetlands on the southern end of the Mornington Peninsula.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Back Fence Line

An unusual visual of a back fence line facing Tootgarook Wetlands on the southern end of the Mornington Peninsula.
It was unclear why the peaked structures.

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Friday's Fences

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Boneo Walkway

Boneo Maze and Wetlands fenced walkway near the entrance to the maze and wetlands.
In summer, the buddleia is in flower along this walkway and it attracts many butterflies.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Captain Cook's Cottage

Plants form a boundary round a tree growing near Captain Cook's Cottage in the Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne.

Boundaries round Captain Cook's Cottage - built in the 18th century and transported from Yorkshire, England in 1934.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Boundaries Round the Fairies Tree

Boundaries round the Fairies Tree in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne
The tree fairies were designed by Ola Cohn 1931-4.
Her carvings were done after the tree's death - which caused problems and created the need for the tree to be uprooted and set in concrete in 1977.

Ola Cohn wrote two books connected with the tree.
The Fairies' Tree (1932)
More about the Fairies' Tree (1933)

Monday, 9 September 2013

Boundaries Outside the Conservatory

Boundaries outside the Conservatory in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne
The border round the fountain seems to symbolise a flower.

The Conservatory opened in 1930.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Boundary Over the Yarra

Princes Bridge spans the Yarra River in Melbourne.
This is the boundary by the walkway.
Many like to stand here and view the colour on and by the river.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Friday, 6 September 2013

Tiny But Functional

Tiny apartment entrance walkway bound by a fence railing leading to a screened gate in inner Melbourne

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Spiral Staircase

Railing down a spiral staircase in Melbourne by the Yarra River

The Glamour Puss Studios Tap Dancing Academy had a photo shoot on the stairs before a public display by the Yarra River 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sign of a Boundary

Like a symbolic boundary or a sign of a boundary.
This is a scene in Melbourne of boundary markers round a parking area for motorbikes only.
It is in the middle of a street.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Garden beautifully integrated into this stone fence line at Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula

Monday, 2 September 2013

Romantic Fence and Gateway

Interesting corner design of a fence and gateway at Bittern on the Mornington Peninsula

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Farm Mailbox

Farm mailbox at Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula

It's a glorious first of Spring day - Sunday - when peace is sacred.
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