Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Keith Dunstan's World

A fence line that stops short of the gate post - without a gate.

This extraordinary tiny vineyard was  established by Keith Dunstan in 1988 at Main Ridge on the Mornington Peninsula.
(The painting in the sign is Chloe, by Jules Lefebvre, (a French figure painter 1836-1911).
The original painting has hung in Young And Jackson's Hotel, Melbourne since 1909.)

Keith Dunstan was a master of many talents.
He had a long career as an Australian columnist working with the Courier Mail, the Sun News-Pictorial, The Age and The Bulletin.
And he cultivated his hatred of football by starting the Anti-Football League in 1967.
It lasted for 30 years.
Keith died last September 11, 2013.
For details of Keith's life see The Age's tribute.

The gateless gate.

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